Along the roads of Roman Centuriation

Local secrets
45,6 km
82 m

Itinerary: Cesenatico, Cella, Capannaguzzo, Gattolino, Cesena S-Egidio, San Martino in Fiume, San Giorgio, Pioppa, Cella, Cesenatico

This route will enable you to discover the Roman Centuriation of Cesena, one of the best preserved remains in Italy of what in ancient times served as a complex state farmland organization system. Starting in Cesenatico, on the coast, the itinerary extends over the silent plain that stretches between the sea and the hills. Cycling along almost square-plan roads, you will notice the typical reticular organisation of the surrounding fields, interrupted only by the winding of the river Savio and by thick rows of poplars.

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The Roman Centuriation – Achieved between 235 and 220 B.C., the Roman Centuriation of Cesena consists of a work of organisation of the farmland into “squares”. Each side of these measures about 700 m and extends over an area not exceeding 50 hectares.



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