Cesena and surrounding district by bike

Villages and castles
20,9 km
329 m

Itinerary: Cesena, San Demetrio, Cesena

This route will enable you to discover the surroundings of Cesena, an adventure within everyone’s reach between the banks of the river Savio and the legacies of the Malatesta dynasty. Starting from the old-town centre of Cesena, the itinerary first winds through the city streets inside the ancient city walls before reaching the banks of the river Savio, where pleasant dirt tracks and a 2-kilometre-long climb lead up to the locality of San Demetrio. Returning towards Cesena on paved roads you will then reach the Parco delle Rimembranze, the green heart of the city that surrounds the famous Malatesta Fortress. Needless to say, a visit to the fortress is mandatory at the end of this exciting tour.

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The Malatesta Fortress – Originally built on the Beccavento hill around the year 1000 and later demolished by a landslide caused by the flooding of the river Savio, the Malatesta Fortress is situated on the Garampo hill and overlooks the city of Cesena. The fortress owes its name to Galeotto I Malatesta who, at the end of the 14th century, started the renovation of the building, which was then used as a defensive fortress for the town of Cesena.



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