Discovering the villages and towns of the Forlì area

Villages and castles
87,0 km
879 m

Itinerary: Forlì, Villagrappa, Modigliana, Tredozio, Rocca San Casciano, Dovadola, Castrocaro Terme, Terra del Sole, Forlì

An itinerary to discover the ancient villages an towns of the province of Forlì. After a flat start from Forlì, the route becomes more challenging near Tredozio, an ancient village in the Romagna Apennines and historical point of transit between Emilia-Romagna and Tuscany. Here you will face the first (and only) climb of the day, an ascent of about 6 km with an average gradient of 6.2% towards Monte Busca, mistakenly called volcano because of a burning fountain (a leak of hydrocarbons that often ignite). Once you have conquered the summit you can enjoy a breathtaking descent on a panoramic road that passes through the towns of Rocca San Casciano, Dovadola and finally Castrocaro Terme.

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The San Casciano bonfire

Located halfway between Romagna and Tuscany, every year San Casciano celebrates the arrival of spring with a bonfire made up of two large haystacks of pine needles and brooms. The Bonfire Festival is the most characteristic event of San Casciano and is accompanied by floats that parade through the town neighbourhoods – a celebration of the coexistence of Tuscan and Romagna culture in the area.



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