From the sea to Barbotto

90,3 km
1.065 m

Itinerary: Cesenatico, Cella, Bagnarola, Cesena, Roversano, Borello, Bivio Montegelli, Mercato Saraceno, Barbotto, Rontagnano, Montegelli, Sogliano al Rubicone, Borghi, Montalbano, Savignano sul Rubicone, Gatteo, Cella, Cesenatico

Barbotto owes its fame to the Nove Colli, one of the most prestigious long-distance cycle races in Italy. The route starts from Cesenatico, on the coast, passes through Cesena and continues on to Mercato Saraceno, where the climb begins. The fame of the Barbotto is certainly motivated: this 5.5 km climb, with an average gradient of 7%, is the perfect challenge for every climb enthusiast, and the last kilometre, with an average gradient of 15% and up to 18% in places, will give even the most combative climbers a hard time. Once you reach the summit, you lose altitude through a series of small ups and downs. Passing first through Sogliano al Rubicone then Savignano. The last 15 km on the flat bring you back to Cesenatico.

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Formaggio di fossa di Sogliano – Sogliano al Rubicone is the birthplace of Sogliano fossa cheese. This D.O.P. cheese owes its name to its particular maturation inside special tuff pits, where the cheeses remain for three months, from the end of August until 25 November. Don’t miss the annual cheese festival in Sogliano del Rubicone, which takes place on the last two Sundays in November and the first in December.



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