On the Artusi Way

Food & Wine
54,7 km
665 m

Itinerary: Forlimpopoli, Vignola, Ponte Uso, Montetiffi, Savignano di Rigo, Barbotto, Rontagnano, Montegelli, San Benedetto in Alpe

Originally from Forlimpopoli, Pellegrino Artusi devoted much of his life to codifying the Italian home recipes of the late nineteenth century. This itinerary will enable you to discover part of the Artusi Way, the famous Via del Muraglione which links Artusi’s birthplace to Florence (which later became Artusi’s adopted city). After a flat start, the itinerary turns into a constant climb without ever becoming extreme. Along the route, you will have the chance to make one or more stops in the many taverns which line the road to taste the local delicacies and the renowned hospitality of the people of this land where cooking becomes art.

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Science in the kitchen and the art of eating well – “You don’t live on bread alone, it’s true; you also need something to accompany it, and the art of making it less expensive, tastier, healthier, I say and I sustain, is a true art”. These are the words expressed by the poet Olindo Guerrini on the work written by Pellegrino Artusi, 790 recipes patiently collected in a book that testifies to the richness of the home-cooking gastronomic traditions of Romagna and the united Italy of the late-nineteenth century.



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