The parks between Ravenna and Cervia

73,8 km
28 m

Itinerary: Ravenna, Lido di Dante, Lido di Classe, Lido di Savio, Milano Marittima, Cervia, Tantlon, Savio, Lido di Classe, Classe, Ravenna

Exciting dirt roads, unspoilt nature and adventure. All you need to do is get into the saddle in the centre of Ravenna and cycle a few kilometres to find yourself in the middle of the Classe Pinewood, a nature reserve of the Po Delta Regional Park inhabited by different species of birds such as tits, magpies and the common owl. Continuing on exciting dirt tracks you will leave the pinewood behind to enter the Cervia Nature Park. Here, the vegetation thins out and leaves room for the pools and canals of the salt pans, interspersed with narrow streets with the typical fishermen’s “casoni”. If you come here at sunset you can enjoy the charm of the water pools as far as the eye can see, in a blaze of light and shadow.

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The sweet salt of Cervia

Cervia salt is renowned for its unique characteristics, including that of being a “sweet” salt. Consisting exclusively of the purest sodium, this sea salt owes its sweetness to the absence of “bitter” elements such as magnesium sulphate and to the particular manufacturing process. Washed only with mother water rich in trace elements and dried naturally, Cervia salt is rich in iodine, zinc, copper and potassium.



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