Romagna, dine and dash

Via Panoramica

€ 55 per person

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How to taste Romagna in 4 hours!

We are in the Conca Valley: an intriguing place full of surprises, the perfect mix between nature and enchanting villages.

We start from the sea and through the Conca river cycle path we will reach the town of Morciano di Romagna, the first stop before tackling the climbs.

From here we take the climb to Montefiore Conca, 6km which takes us inside the spectacular Malatesta Castle.

Enchanting for its position, it seems almost suspended between the sky and the hills. From here we can admire the view, and immortalize this moment with beautiful photos. A coffee break will be enough to recover energy and continue cycling.

On the way back, a stop for a delicious wine tasting at the Enio Ottaviani Winery “We make wine for Friends” is interesting and worthy of attention. Wines of great taste and quality, produced with care and attention in respect of tradition and which go well with cheeses and meats, honey and jams, as well as their carefully prepared esplanade. All products of extreme refinement and aimed at a public who knows how to appreciate genuine things and the tastes of the past.


Via Panoramica

Via E. Filiberto 3
Gabicce (PU)
+39 3200472436
Price 55 €per person
Area rimini Duration
4 hours
Difficulties easy
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