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Destinazione Turistica Romagna – Public Body in support of local administration offices.
Registered address: Registered address: P.le Fellini, 3, Rimini, Italy
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Pursuing the goal of increasing transparency in public administration, Visit Romagna has launched the official website to provide citizens with complete access to information on Administration and its activities.
It has also launched the website for the promotion of the area with itineraries and holiday offers for cyclists.
The objective is to provide the tourist with up‑to‑date and precise information. At any time, should the contents be found incorrect, non‑exhaustive, incomplete or not up-to-date, the necessary corrections and additions will be made as soon as possible.

Destination Turistica Romagna shall not be held responsible for content on any external websites linked to from the site nor for content on third‑party websites hosted on the portal. The views expressed on such websites do not necessarily reflect the views of Destinazione Turistica Romagna.

Destinazione Turistica Romagna will take all the necessary precautions to minimise malfunctions attributable to technical problems. However, some of the data or information on the website may have been stored or structured in archives, databases or formats which are not error-free. In the event of such problems, the continuity or the normal provision of the service might not be guaranteed.

Destinazione Turistica Romagna shall not be held responsible for any issues arising from the use of this website or any other websites connected to it.

This non-responsibility disclaimer does not limit the liability of Destinazione Turistica Romagna in case of infringement of applicable national laws nor does it exclude its liability for matters which cannot be excluded by law.

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Cookies are small text files which the web browser stores on the device of the user without identifying individual users. A cookie does not have access to personal data stored on the hard disk or cookies created by other websites as the only information it can contain is that provided by the user. The website managed by this Body to promote the area does not use cookies which store or collect personal data or any so-called tracking cookies. The cookies stored by this portal are only first-party technical and analytical cookies, directly managed by the public body. Each thematic site has its own cookie policy.

The Portal is managed by Destinazione Turistica Romagna which is responsible for the technical support, development and maintenance of web pages and databases.

All the contents and the data stored on this website are copyright in accordance with any laws governing intellectual property. No part of this website, in full or in part, can be copied, modified or resold for profit. The data available on this site for downloading, e.g., forms, can be freely downloaded and used. The reproduction and use of texts and multimedia files (sounds, pictures, software, etc), is only permitted with prior authorisation and proper attribution of the source.

External Links

Destinazione Turistica Romagna reserves the right to add external links to the portal if these are deemed pertinent to the activities of the Public Administration and useful for providing more information about a topic discussed in an article. Therefore, Destinazione Turistica Romagna shall not be held responsible for the contents of such links as Destinazione Turistica Romagna has no control over the external websites linked. The portal has been designed to promote the region and provide services for tourists in the bike sector.

PRIVACY POLICY regarding the processing of personal data pursuant to Article 13 of Regulation (EU) 2016/679

  1. Introduction
    Pursuant to Article 13 of Regulation (EU) 2016/679, Destinazione Turistica Romagna, as the “Data Controller”, is required to provide information regarding how it uses personal data of data subjects.
  2. Identity and contact details of the controller
    With regard to this Privacy Policy, the Data Controller is Destinazione Turistica Romagna with its legal office in Rimini, Piazzale Fellini, 3. In order to simplify the procedures for requesting information and reducing response times, we invite you to submit your requests in relation to paragraph 10 to Destinazione Turistica Romagna, through the certified email:
  3. Data Protection Officer
    As Destinazione Turistica Romagna is a recently established body, a Data Protection Officer has not been appointed yet. As of now, the Director is responsible for performing the duties of the DPO.
  4. Data processors
    We may use the services of third parties to carry out tasks and process the personal data which we have collected. In compliance with applicable laws, such third parties are required to ensure levels of experience, expertise and reliability such as to guarantee compliance with the current data processing principles, including data protection regulations.Tasks, responsibilities and liabilities of such third parties are formalised by the Body with their designation as “Data Processors”. These third parties are required to undergo periodic checks in order to verify that they still meet the same standards as they did at the time of their initial assignment with regard to data protection.
  5. Subjects authorised to process personal data
    The personal data of data subjects are processed by internal staff previously appointed and authorised to process personal data, who have received appropriate instructions regarding procedures, measures and methods to adopt in order to ensure the protection of your personal data.
  6. Purpose and legal basis for the processing
    The personal data of data subjects are processed by Destinazione Turistica Romagna to carry out activities in relation to its public services and, therefore, pursuant to Article 6, paragraph 1, letter (e), the processing does not require consent.
  7. Data recipients
    Personal data are only disclosed or disseminated for purposes relating to the activities of the body.
  8. Transfer of personal data to non-EU countries
    The personal data of data subjects are not transferred outside the European Union.
  9. Retention period
    The personal data of data subjects are retained for a period not exceeding that necessary for the fulfilment of the aforementioned purposes. With regard to this, periodic checks will be carried out to verify that the personal data processed are relevant, indispensable and do not exceed the purposes of the current appointment, agreement or relationship, yet to establish or already terminated, also in the case of data given on a voluntary basis. Personal data which, also following the checks, are found excessive, not relevant or not essential will be not used except for retention in compliance with the law for purposes relating to the deed or document which contains them.
  10. Rights
    Data subjects have the right to:
    – access their personal data;
    – have their data rectified or erased or restrict its processing;
    – oppose its processing;
    – lodge a complaint with the Data Protection Authority
  11. Data provision
    The provision of personal data by data subjects is optional but necessary for the purposes listed above. Failure to provide the data will prejudice the carrying out of the activities of this public body.