Discovering pink flamingos

38,3 km
63 m

Itinerary: Casalborsetti, Valli di Comacchio, Sant’Alberto, Casalborsetti

This entire itinerary runs along the banks of the River Reno and the Valleys of Comacchio, on secondary roads and easy dirt roads. Ideal for a ride with the whole family, for the most part the itinerary follows the river banks of the Valleys of Comacchio. It’s provides an ideal opportunity to show the little ones the pink flamingos that populate the waters of this wetland area. Water is the main feature of this itinerary; in fact, you can even enjoy a ferry crossing of the Reno River near the hamlet of Sant’Alberto. Guaranteed fun for children!

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Birdwatching in the Valleys of Comacchio

Located in Po Delta Nature Park, the Valleys of Comacchio are the natural habitat of several bird species that can be seen during guided birdwatching excursions. Without doubt, the star of the natural oasis is the pink flamingo, but visitors may also spot many other interesting species such as the black-winged stilt and oyster catcher (in the spring), as well as the dunlin and short-eared owl (in the winter).



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