The dirt roads along the Savio

Local secrets
67,3 km
59 m

Itinerary: Cervia, Milano Marittima, Castiglione di Ravenna, Matellica, Cesena, Martorano, Matellica, Pisignano, Cervia

Exploring the dirt roads along the Savio. Starting from Cervia, the route will take you to the famous Milano Marittima Pinewood Forest before reaching the cycle path that runs alongside the river Savio, in the namesake natural park. Eyes open: the park is home to a rich variety of birds and animals and it is not rare to see buzzards, hares and roe deer. After a few kilometres of small roads alternating with pleasant dirt roads you will reach Cesena. Just enough time to stop before continuing and you will find dirt roads, singletracks and secondary roads waiting for you on the right bank of the river Savio. Returning towards Cervia, you will cross the famous salt pans, which during the summer months are a real spectacle of light and shade.

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Cervia Nature Park

The Cervia Nature Park is an oasis of peace that runs through the famous pinewoods of Cervia, 32 hectares of uncontaminated nature, only a stone’s throw from Milano Marittima. If you want to have close encounters with many animals, you can visit the Old Farm, an area that hosts several species of farmyard animals. The ideal way to spend a splendid day in contact with nature, suitable for both children and adults.



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