A journey through the Renaissance

Villages and castles
63,3 km
20 m

Itinerary: Ferrara, Fossanova San Marco, Gaibanella-Sant’Egidio, Voghiera, Gambulaga, Medelana, Final di Rero, Sabbioncello San Vittore, Contrapò, Ferrara

This route is a journey through time, to discover the historical affluence of the province of Ferrara, testified by the majestic residences of the Este family built during the Renaissance period. The loop itinerary starts from the Este castle in Ferrara and continues into the silent countryside amid canals, villages and fields. The Este family chose the tranquillity of the countryside to build decentralized government offices which would also (and above all) serve as residences for holidays, banquets and hunting trips: the so-called “delights”. Along this route you will be able to see three of the most famous UNESCO World Heritage sites: in Voghiera the Belriguardo residence, in Gambulaga the Verginese residence and in Sabbioncello San Vittore the Villa della Mensa.

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The Addizione Erculea (Herculean Addition) – The Este family contributed significantly to the urban development of the city of Ferrara. The Addizione Erculea is an example of an extraordinary architectural feat which resulted in Ferrara being defined the first modern city in Europe. Developed in 1492 by the famous architect Biagio Rossetti at the behest of Ercole I d’Este, the project provided for the inclusion in the city centre of a number of ducal buildings located on the outskirts and the creation of a four-hectare green area within the walls.



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