The Borgia loop

Villages and castles
39,6 km
30 m

Itinerary: Voghiera, Montesanto, San Nicolò, Bevignante, Consandalo, Portomaggiore, Gambulaga, Voghiera

In 1502, the history of the Este family became linked to that of the Borgia family, when Alfonso I d’Este married Lucrezia Borgia, one of the most famous and discussed figures in the history of the Ferrara nobility. Dedicated to the figure of the Duchess of Ferrara, this itinerary winds along country roads and cycle paths which make it possible to discover three of the most famous Este residences, places particularly loved by Lucrezia Borgia. Between one bike ride and the next you will have the chance to visit the Renaissance residences of Belriguardo, Benvignante and Verginese, all of which are now Unesco World Heritage Sites.

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The Este Versailles – Built in 1435 at the behest of Niccolò d’Este, the Beriguardo residence is a summer palace located in the Ferrara countryside around Voghiera. Sumptuousness and affluence have made it known as the “Este Versailles”, thanks too to more than thirty hectares of Italian-style gardens which somehow recall the more famous ones of the French royal residence.



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