The Delizia Estense of Diamantina

24,4 km
178 m

Itinerary: Ferrara, Ciclovia Burana, Ferrara

This itinerary runs along the picturesque Burana cycle path that flanks the namesake canal. It starts at Este Castle of Ferrara, in the very heart of the historic centre: the water of its moat bears witness to what was once Panfilio Canal, which is now buried under the city streets. Following the water, Burana Canal leads to the wonderful “Delizia Estense” or noble estate of Diamantina, in the countryside of Vigarano Pieve. With medieval towers, fortifications, hunting grounds and important waterworks all around, this itinerary is particularly suited to all those who want to surround themselves in the history and tradition of the countryside of Ferrara.

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In the two weeks straddling the months of May and June, each year, the Pro Loco Diamantina organises the traditional country fair and rural fete in the fascinating setting of the park of the Estense Delizia, the perfect opportunity to try the delicious appetizers, first courses and side dishes typical of local rural tradition. All accompanied by music, exhibitions and shows, to entertain both adults and children alike.



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