Cycling along the water’s edge

35,3 km
57 m

Itinerary: Oasi Canneviè, Lido di Volano, Lido delle Nazione, Boscone della Mesola, Goro, Oasi Canneviè

This itinerary is entirely along the water’s edge, in an area between the Adriatic Sea and the Po Delta Nature Park. We start in Canneviè Oasis and cycle towards Lido di Volano and then towards Lido delle Nazioni. The water is the real companion of this ride; you will always find it next to you, behind you or on the horizon. Continuing north again, the itinerary crosses Mesola Wood Nature Reserve and arrives in Goro, in the heart of the Po Delta Nature Park. The absence of any vertical rise makes this itinerary suitable for all levels of fitness and training, but the heat of the summer months could make these 35 km a real challenge for little ones and for those who have trained less.

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The clams of Sacca of Goro

Enclosed by the Po of Goro and Po of Volano, Sacca of Goro is a large lagoon covering a surface area of 2,000 hectares in the heart of Po Delta Nature Park. The sandy bottom of the lagoon is the ideal natural habitat for clams – those from Goro are some of most famous and renowned in Italy.



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