Campotto Oasis

34,2 km
9 m

Itinerary: Argenta, Valli di Campotto, Argenta

This itinerary, winds its way through the Campotto Valleys in Po Delta Regional Park, across green meadows and through dense reed thickets and vast water lily ponds. It starts in Argenta and leads along the Reno River, on dirt tracks, to the village of San Biagio. Still on dirt roads, the itinerary continues through the heart of the Po Delta Regional Park, as far as the Museum of the Valleys. At that point, you will have cycled 25 km, so we recommend taking a break and enjoying the activities for children the museum offers. Returning towards Argenta Regional Park, you can also visit Pieve San Giorgio, one of the oldest churches in Emilia Romagna dating back to 569 AD.

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The Museum of the Valleys is an eco-museum and environmental education centre in the region of Emilia-Romagna. Its layout has been designed based on a recreational-educational approach to arouse the interest of adults and children alike. The historical-anthropological section retraces the development of human life in the territory in past centuries, while the naturalistic section offers a fascinating overview of the main features of the Oasis of Campotto area.



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