Cycling in Rimini

12,7 km
30 m

Itinerary: Rimini

Flat and on a cycle path, this itinerary makes a perfect change from days spent on the beach. The ease and safety of the roads makes it suitable even for children who have just started cycling. It starts in Piazzale Kennedy in Rimini and takes riders through Ausa Park before joining the cycle path flanking the Roman amphitheatre. It then crosses the historic centre of the city, through Cervi Park (and stopping at the Arch of Augustus) and then, towards the end of the ride, to the park in Via Euterpe, where cyclists can continue exercising on the outdoor fitness course.

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Interesting fact: Arch of Augustus

The symbol par excellence of ancient Roman Rimini, the Arch of Augustus stands at the end of Corso Augusto, the avenue that crosses the city’s historic centre as far as Tiberius’ Bridge. The arch was built in 27 B.C. using Istrian stone and has representations of four Roman gods – Jupiter, Apollo, Neptune and the goddess Rome – on it.



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