Marco Pantani’s climbs

44,8 km
1356 m

Itinerary: Marciano, Soanne, Villagrande, Ponte Cappuccini, Carpegna, Pennabilli, Maciano

This itinerary follows roads steeped in history, passion and emotions. They are the roads ridden by a cyclist who, like no one else, was able to really attack a climb and to make millions of people jump up and down in front of the television as they watched him. Marco Pantani, a cyclist who devoured Alpine mountain passes, despite having grown up by the seaside in Cesenatico, used to train on this mountain. Here, the Pirate, as he was known, prepared for the great tours, exploiting those 6 kilometres with 10% incline that lead to the top of Mount Carpegna where a memorial stone dedicated to Romagna’s great champion now stands.

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Mount Carpegna is enough for me
These words have gone down in history and explain just how great and humble Marco Pantani was. He prepared many of his great victories on Mount Carpegna stating “before doing a Giro or a Tour, I don’t need to try all the great climbs one by one. Just once, if I remember correctly, I went to check out Mortirolo and Montecampione. But I was in a car and it didn’t really help me much. Mount Carpegna is enough for me.”



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