Off-road biking to Verucchio and San Leo

Villages and castles
44,1 km
1096 m

Itinerary: Ponte Verucchio, Torriana, Montebello, Pietracuta, Castel Nuovo, San Leo, Ponte Santa Maria Maddalena, Pietracuta, Ponte Verucchio

Discovering the most beautiful villages in Italy on an MTB. This itinerary starts from the town of Verucchio and winds through the Marecchia Valley across off-road terrain: gravel, unpaved road and singletrack. After about 21 km, the last 5 of which are constantly uphill, you will reach San Leo, the ancient town perched on a rocky outcrop and considered among the “Most beautiful towns in Italy”. Here we suggest you to make a stop to visit the main attractions, including the Cathedral and the Fort of San Leo. The descent towards Verucchio is an exciting succession of curves and hairpin bends, but dosing your energy will be fundamental to face the last climb towards Montebello and then Torriana.

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The jesters of San Leo

To coincide with the celebrations for the arrival of St. Francis of Assisi in San Leo, in June every year the medieval village of Montefeltro celebrates the ancient tradition of jesters. During the two days of the San Leo Giullari Festival, the town recreates a lively medieval atmosphere with travelling shows of jesters from all over the peninsula, street markets, open taverns and an endless number of food and wine specialities and local handicrafts.



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