San Leo and the fortress

Villages and castles
55,5 km
700 m

Itinerary: Santarcangelo, Pietracuta, San Leo, Pietracuta, Santarcangelo

This tour leads into the heart of the Valmarecchia, i.e. to its most characteristic and best known place: San Leo. Situated 589 m asl. the town and the fortress tower above the whole of the Valmarecchia from the spur of rock with sheer walls on which it stands, but reaching the summit is worth every drop of sweat expended during the climb. A tour of the fortress is not to be missed as it is of great historical and military value. At the end of the ‘700s Count Cagliostro was imprisoned and died here; he was one of the most enigmatic figures of the Age of Enlightenment and was convicted for heresy by the Holy Inquisition. At the end of your visit to San Leo, a fun downward slope will lead you back to the Valmarecchia and then onwards to Santarcangelo.

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Among the many famous people who are connected to the history of the town, which was once known as Monte Feltro, in addition to Saint Francis from Assisi, one cannot but mention Dante Alighieri. In fact, in the IV Canto of the Purgatory on encountering a difficult, steep and arduous climb, the great poet compares it to the one that leads up to the fortress. Nowadays, it can be reached along a paved route that passes through the woods and leads right in front of the entrance.



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