Gravel and salama da sugo

Food & Wine
74,3 km
30 m

Itinerary: Porto Maggiore, San Nicolò, Marrara, Spinazzino, Poggio Renatico, Sant’Agostino, Madonna Boschi, Porotto, Ferrara

This route takes you on a journey of discovery of the production area of salama da sugo, one of the oldest specialties of Ferrara’s culinary tradition. The recipe includes a mixture of cheaper cuts of pork meat (pig’s cheek, capocollo (from the neck), bacon, liver, tongue), spices, wine and curing for a period of at least six months. Starting from Porto Maggiore, the itinerary winds through the villages of the lower province of Ferrara along secondary roads and the dirt roads of the enchanting Bosco della Panfilia. Although this is not a particularly tough route, cyclists do need to be in fairly good physical shape. During the 70 kilometre ride, many are the opportunities to take breaks and moments of rest while enjoying local delicacies.

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The Bosco della Panfilia – The Bosco della Panfilia is a protected nature reserve located in the municipality of Sant’Agostino. Situated close to the Reno river, this wooded area is an example of hygrophilous forest and is characterised by the presence of typical vegetation which grows along the watercourses – on land generally subject to continuous flooding. In addition to plant species such as white willow, elm and field maple, the Bosco della Panfilia is also home to the much sought-after white truffle.



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