Tasting the Wines of the Sands

Food & Wine
62,5 km
50 m

Itinerary: Argenta, Filo, La Fiorana, Consandolo, Argenta

Along this route, you will be able to discover the “Wines of the Sands”, made from a grape variety which grows in the sandy and brackish soil of the Bosco Eliceo. This district extends between Goro and the mouth of the river Reno and is the only area in the province of Ferrara to boast an excellent wine-making tradition. Starting from Argenta, the itinerary winds along pleasant country roads and dirt roads with stops at a number of wineries, ideal for enjoying a glass (or two) of local wines, among them the Fortana. In the locality of Passo Morgone, in the municipality of Consandolo, under the embankment of the river Reno you will find a small vineyard where the Fontana grape variety grows (also known as Uva d’Oro).

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L’Uva d’Oro – There are two different theories about the origin of the Fontana grape variety. The first one is that this vine was already present in the 11th century after the reclamation of the marshy areas by the Benedictine monks of Pomposa Abbey. The second theory maintains that cultivation of the Fontana grape variety started in the Ferrara area in the 16th century, when Renata of France, the wife of Ercole II Duke of Este, brought as part of her dowry a grape variety from the Cote d’Or of Burgundy which went on to make itself perfectly at home in the Bosco Eliceo.



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