Discovering the house museums of Romagna

Villages and castles
51,8 km

Itinerary: Bagnacavallo, Lugo, Fusignano, Alfonsine, Bagnacavallo

The stages of this easy ring-route provide a chance to discover some of the most renowned house-museums and museums in the province of Ravenna. It is not just a question of discovering works of art, but of steeping oneself in the history of the places and people who contributed to the creation of these places of conservation of a unique cultural heritage. The tour starts and finishes in Bagnacavallo where you can visit the Museo delle Cappuccine. The stop in Lugo, on the other hand, is an opportunity to discover the ancient mansion of the Baracca family, where the famous First World War aviator Francesco Baracca lived. Also not to be missed are the San Rocco Civic Museum in Fusignano and the house of the poet Vincenzo Monti in the village of Alfonsine. The distance to cover is not long, but it is always best to take into account the time needed for each visit.

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Comitato Montiano of Alfonsine

The memory of the poet Vincenzo Monti lives on thanks to the work carried out by the Comitato Montiano of Alfonsine. This consists of a group of literary enthusiasts which for years has been promoting initiatives aimed at spreading and keeping alive the works of the Alfonsine poet. In addition to managing the museum, the committee is responsible for the annual publication of “I quaderni Alfonsinesi”, a periodical that disseminates local studies and traditions of Romagna, as well as organising commemorative events dedicated to the poet Vincenzo Monti.


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