Discovering Sant’Agata Feltria

Villages and castles
46,0 km
1320 m

Itinerary: Pennabilli, Petrella Guidi, Monte Benedetto, Sant’Agata Feltria, Cà Raffaello, Rocca di Bascio, Cà Morlano, Pennabili

Part of St Francis’ Way (or Via Francigena), this circular route connects the towns of Pennabilli and Sant’Agata Feltria, passing through other small villages, such as Petrella Guidi, Monte Benedetto and Castello di Bascio. To best enjoy the paths and roads that wind their way through the upper Marecchia Valley, we recommend tyres with off-road tread – those on gravel bicycles are perfect. The vertical rise is quite demanding, so you should save your energy and be a bit wise when tackling the route. The beautiful panoramic views will accompany you for over 40 kilometres and you’ll find it difficult not to stop to take some snaps… and to catch your breath between climbs!

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Sant’Agata Feltria
Situated on the border between Romagna and the Marche, the town of Sant’Agata Feltria boasts an ancient history with its origins dating back to the pre-Roman period, when it was a settlement of an Umbrian tribe. However, according to legend, its formation is linked to St Agatha, who chose Mount Perticara as a refuge to escape from carnal temptation and find peace from St Leon and St Marinus, who in turn, climbed Mount Feltro and Mount Titano respectively.



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