The best bread in the world

Food & Wine
84,4 km
18 m

Itinerary: Copparo, Saletta, Ro, Berra, Serravalle, Ariano ferrarese, Contane, Coccanile, Copparo

This loop tour winds along two of the most important waterways in the province of Ferrara, the Po and the Canal Bianco, places dedicated to the art of bread baking and rice growing. Ro ferrarese is the first significant stop along this itinerary, the setting of the historical novel “The Mill on the Po” by Riccardo Bacchelli where “the best bread in the world” is made. Continuing towards Berra and Jolanda di Savoia you will discover the lands of Ferrara famous for rice growing, an area where you can witness the great land reclamation works carried out over the centuries to drain the water into the sea and make the land suitable for cultivation.

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The “Coppia ferrarese” – “In a place where the best bread in the world was always made, which is the Ferrara area” to quote a famous passage from The Mill on the Po, the famous novel by Riccardo Bacchelli. Bread baking is in fact one of the oldest traditions of the rich food and wine culture of Ferrara, which finds in the “Coppia” one of its greatest expressions. A PGI product since 2001, the “Coppia” is a type of bread that stands out for its particular twisted shape.



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