The hamlets of Torriana and Verucchio

Villages and castles
29,5 km
600 m

Itinerary: Santarcangelo, Torriana, Verucchio, Corpolò, Santarcangelo

Setting off from Santarcangelo di Romagna, this route, which is not especially challenging, will lead you towards the picturesque old hamlets of Torriana and Verucchio, which are respectively situated at 330 m and 377 m asl. To get there you must therefore face a bit of a slope, but the effort is well worth it in both cases as you will enjoy a wonderful view of the Valmarecchia Valley and of the Riviera and the sea. The slope leading up to Torriana is longer, but it is gentle and easy enough to cycle up, while to get to Verucchio you will be challenged by slightly tougher slopes that are however shorter, and in any case well worth the effort due to the breath-taking scenery. From Verucchio you then descend back towards Santarcangelo along the opposite bank of the Marecchia River.

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In Verucchio, whose name comes from the Lain verruca, meaning “spur” or “high ground”, there is an enchanting panoramic terrace which is perfect for a refreshing break. Just climb towards the church from the main square: the terrace is just beyond, on the right. While in Torriana the best view is from the Torriana Fortress, which is also known as the Due Torri Castle (two tower castle) or “Scorticata”.



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