Olive oil tour

Food & Wine
86,0 km
1270 m

Itinerary: Misano Adriatico, San Giovanni in Marignano, Tavullia, Montegridolfo, Mondaino, Tavoleto, San Felice, Morciano di Romagna, Croce, Montescudo, Ospedaletto, Coriano, Misano Monte, Misano Adriatico

This circular itinerary is ideal for those who love racing bikes and are used to grinding out kilometres of roads and climbs with the same ease as chewing down on Romagna’s famous piadina at the end of a ride. The itinerary begins on the coast in Misano Adriatico and soon begins to climb towards the hills inland. Although the climb (like the one heading towards Mondaino) sometimes demands total concentration, we recommend keeping your head up and enjoying the panoramic views of gently-rolling green hills and cultivated fields as far as the eye can see – including many planted with olive trees. But always bear the climb in mind: a second (and final) steep climb takes participants towards Montescudo: 11 kilometres with inclines in excess of 11% in some stretches.

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“Colline di Romagna” extra-virgin olive oil
The inland area of Rimini boasts approximately 1,000 hectares of land given over to the cultivation of olives and more than 20 extra-virgin olive oil producers, some of whom have been awarded “Colline di Romagna” PDO certification. This oil is ideal for dressing the specialities of Romagna and is an excellent idea for a souvenir to take away.



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