From Ferrara to Cento

Local secrets
40,4 km
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Itinerary: Ferrara, Bondeno, Sant’Agostino, Cento

This route links the old-city centre of Ferrara to that of Cento, a town where the traditions of Ferrara, Modena and Bologna come together in harmony. The itinerary starts along the Burana cycle path in a setting dominated by orchards and fields used for cereal crops. Following the Cavo Napoleonico, you then come to the Bosco della Panfilia, where you can take a guided excursion and stop to enjoy one of the local specialities based on the highly sought-after autochthonous truffle. The route then ends in the old-town centre of Cento where you can visit the famous fortress or enjoy the cheerful atmosphere of the carnival if you happen to be here during the five weeks preceding Lent.

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The Cento Carnival – The Cento Carnival boasts a centuries-old tradition first represented in the 17th-century frescoes of the painter Gian Francesco Barbieri, better known as Guercino. The popularity of this folkloristic festival has grown to the point of making the Cento carnival the first in the world to be twinned with that of Rio de Janeiro, the king of carnivals.



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