La Furiosa

Local secrets
55,0 km
70 m

Itinerary: Ferrara, Agusciello, Palmirano, Voghenza, Gambulaga, Voghiera, Sant’Egidio, San Biagio, Ferrara

This itinerary extends over the La Furiosa, the historic cycling route of the city of Ferrara. If you are not familiar with these types of events, then you should know that they are non-competitive and you can only take part on vintage bikes and wearing wool clothing. The idea is to bring back to life the cycling races of days gone by and celebrate the surrounding district and its traditions, in an atmosphere of festivity and friendship. Starting from the old-city centre of the “City of bicycles”, the itinerary winds through the Ferrara countryside, where in the age of the Este dynasty, numerous residences were built. The route includes the odd dirt road, but don’t let that scare you: we’re not asking you to tackle them in the saddle of a steel racing bike of the Seventies. But, after all, why not? The choice is yours!

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The refreshments of La Furiosa – If you have never taken part before in a historic cycling event in Romagna, La Furiosa could well be the chance to discover a new form of athletes’ supplements. Unlike the refreshment points of a long-distance race, the La Furiosa participants can recharge their batteries and stock up with good spirits by choosing between various specialities – bread and Ferrara salami, pumpkin, asparagus and cheese pies, all of course accompanied by local wine.



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