Formaggio di Fossa and Piadina di Montetiffi stage

Food & Wine
35,0 km
776 m

Itinerary: Sogliano al Rubicone, Vignola, Ponte Uso, Montetiffi, Savignano di Rigo, Barbotto, Rontagnano, Montegelli, Vignola, Sogliano al Rubicone

A route that combines the pleasure of good food with that of climbing. The departure is scheduled in Sogliano Rubicone, the village where the famous “Formaggio di Fossa” cheese is produced. After about 8 km of gentle ups and downs you will have to face the climb of Montetiffi, defined by local cyclists as “Tiffi Carogna” (Tiffi the Beast): 3 km with an average gradient of 5.8% and peaks of 16%. In addition to the climb of the Gran Fondo 9 Colli, Montefitti is known for its “pans”, the terracotta dishes made by hand for cooking piadina. Needless to say, it would be worth making a stop to taste the real piadina romagnola before reaching the dreaded Barbotto and its 5.5 km and an average gradient of 6.9%.

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The cooking pans of Montefitti

The recipe of Romagna requires piadina to be cooked on terracotta baking pans, which gives the dough of flour, lard and water a unique taste. The ancient tradition of the “tegliai” has survived over the centuries and lives today in the streets of the village of Montefitti. Here expert artisans work different types of clay to create the most famous baking pans in Romagna for baking piadina, strictly by hand.



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