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Villages and castles
87,0 km

Itinerary: Cotignola, Bagnacavallo, Villanova, Alfonsine, Fusignano, Conselice, Massa Lombarda, Bagno di Romagna, Lugo, Cotignola

The itinerary coincides with the “La memoria nel paesaggio” (“Memory in the landscape”) route and starts from Cotignola retracing some commemorative stages of the Resistance and of the victims of the Second World War. The distance to cover is about 87 km, so it is advisable to make several stops, especially in the warmer months. This is an itinerant route, so it is suitable for anyone wanting to ride in peace and quiet and learn more about an important chapter of Italian and world history. Along the route you will be able to visit iconic places such as the memorial stone in memory of the martyrs of the Senio River near Lugo, the memorial stone in memory of the Jews and deportees erected in the Parco della Pace in Bagnacavallo or the Monument to the Martyrs of the Resistance and the Volunteers of Freedom Corps in the town of Alfonsine. On arrival in Cotignola we recommend a final stop at the Monument in memory of the New Zealand Liberators and “Operation White Flag” in the Parco della Resistenza.

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The white flag operation in Cotignola

The term “Operation White Flag” recalls the gesture of Don Stefano Casadio, parish priest of Cotignola, and the partisan Luigi Cassadio, known as Leno, who waved a white flag while crossing the Senio River. This was a signal devised to inform the Allies who were about to bomb Cotignola that the town had already been liberated by Resistance forces.


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