Not only beaches: let yourself be guided to discover the city of the Malatesta and Fellini, the villages of San Leo and Verucchio and the valley of the river Marecchia.


Rimini is not only beaches. Rimini is the city of the Malatesta and Federico Fellini. And it is also cycling. Whether racing, MTB or gravel bikes, the Rimini district offers breathtaking itineraries which extend from the sea to the hinterland. Here off-road enthusiasts will have the chance to enjoy the trails of the Marecchia Valley, first and foremost the one linking Verucchio to the town of San Leo. The same area is equally recommended for those who want to test themselves on steep climbs with road bikes. Santarcangelo di Romagna is the perfect destination for gravel fans.


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Routes: 18 routes

1 Conca gradients ROAD 93,6 km Hard favourites
2 Off-road biking to Verucchio and San Leo MTB 44,1 km Medium favourites
3 Along the River Marecchia MTB, E-BIKE 45,1 km Easy favourites
4 Tasting the “Formaggio di Fossa” of Mondaino ROAD 43,3 km Medium favourites
5 Cycling in Rimini MTB, E-BIKE 12,7 km Easy favourites
6 Olive oil tour ROAD 86,0 km Hard favourites
7 Climbing towards the Malatesta fortresses ROAD 94,0 km Hard favourites
8 Marco Pantani’s climbs ROAD 44,8 km Hard favourites
9 Discovering Sant’Agata Feltria MTB, GRAVEL 46,0 km Hard favourites
10 The villages of the Marecchia Valley MTB, GRAVEL 18,5 km Medium favourites
11 Onferno Caves MTB, GRAVEL 15,0 km Medium favourites
12 The hamlets of Torriana and Verucchio ROAD 29,5 km Medium favourites
13 San Leo and the fortress ROAD 55,5 km Hard favourites
14 Family tour of the Valmarecchia MTB, E-BIKE 22,9 km Easy favourites
15 Upper Valmarecchia Tour ROAD 69,2 km Hard favourites
16 Upper Valmarecchia Tour Long ROAD 96,3 km Hard favourites
17 Explore Valmarecchia “Licence” ROAD 127,0 km Hard favourites
18 Champions Tour ROAD 70,0 km Medium favourites

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