A UNESCO World Heritage Site and "City of Bicycles", Ferrara will win you over with its historic centre, its Estense “Delights” and its peaceful countryside.


Renamed the "City of Bicycles" due the massive presence of two-wheeled vehicles that circulate in the streets of the old-city centre, Ferrara is a must for lovers of cycling and gravel. Here you can cycle around the walls that embrace the historic centre, take the Destra Po cycle path that crosses the peaceful Ferrara countryside, visit the Rocca di Stellata or venture onto the dirt roads of the Comacchio Valleys in the heart of the Po Delta Regional Park.


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1 The Ferrara amateur cyclists tour ROAD 66,4 km Easy favourites
2 From Ferrara to the Rocca di Stellata ROAD, GRAVEL 57,2 km Easy favourites
3 Around the city walls of Ferrara MTB, E-BIKE 12,4 km Easy favourites
4 Discovering Little Venice MTB, E-BIKE 18,9 km Easy favourites
5 Gravel and salama da sugo MTB, GRAVEL 74,3 km Medium favourites
6 Towards Mesola along the dirt roads of the Po Delta MTB, GRAVEL 49,6 km Easy favourites
7 Discovering the Mill on the Po MTB, GRAVEL 18,4 km Easy favourites
8 From Ferrara to the sea ROAD, GRAVEL 94,7 km Medium favourites
9 Tasting the Wines of the Sands MTB, GRAVEL 62,5 km Easy favourites
10 The Borgia loop MTB, GRAVEL 39,6 km Easy favourites
11 From Ferrara to Cento ROAD 40,4 km Easy favourites
12 Pedalling between water and sky in the Comacchio Valleys MTB, GRAVEL 22,5 km Easy favourites
13 The best bread in the world ROAD, GRAVEL 84,4 km Medium favourites
14 A journey through the Renaissance ROAD, GRAVEL 63,3 km Easy favourites
15 La Furiosa GRAVEL 55,0 km Easy favourites
16 Campotto Oasis MTB, E-BIKE 34,2 km Easy favourites
17 Cycling along the water’s edge MTB, E-BIKE 35,3 km Medium favourites
18 Towards Mesola Castle and Abate Tower MTB, E-BIKE 12,4 km Easy favourites
19 The Delizia Estense of Diamantina MTB, E-BIKE 24,4 km Medium favourites
20 Destra Po ROAD, E-BIKE 119,5 km Medium favourites

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